Licensed Esthetician Services

We understand that skin concerns can be a bit of a mystery for many, so we've got you covered!  We offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation with your purchase, to address any skin issues and/or product questions.  If you wish to set up an appointment with our licensed esthetician, please reach out to us via our email at: 
Additional appointments are available for $30 per 30 minute consultation that must be paid prior to service.
When it comes to fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation (dark spots) related to aging, we want a treatment plan!  Not to mention addressing redness, acne and rosacea correction, boosting collagen production, and achieving perfect balance of oil and moisture in your skin.  Along with choosing the best LTO product for your skin, our Esthetician can help sort out your skin issues and create a routine that works specifically for your skin.
We strive to help you achieve the healthy and youthful complexion you crave, by offering high-quality, clean products that deliver radiant & effective results!
Suzanne Hewett, Licensed Esthetician