Thank you for reaching out regarding RENU Naturals products in your store. Our line of beautiful clean, natural skincare are successfully placed in spa's, pharmacies, high-end Supermarkets, MACYS and retail stores across the country. We offer wholesale either through FAIRE, HANDSHAKE, ABOUND, MATCHSQUARE and TUNDRA portals.

Feel free to take a look at our BRAND BOOK and reach out with any questions. If you are interested in adding our line to your boutique or spa, please email us at info@renunaturals.com for a copy of our Wholesale Brand Deck. We hope you LOVE WHAT YOU SEE!

Interested in carrying our natural line in your Store or Salon?

You can visit our Shopify Handshake Portal. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions. Your partnership is very important to us and we look forward to our continued relationship!

Faire Wholesale Portal

If you are new to the FAIRE platform, you will also receive a full year of free freight plus $100 off my line, covered by Faire. Faire also does not charge us commission on any of your orders through this portal.

There's no catch; this offer is to help take the risk out of your first order and streamline the ordering process for both of us. Check out our online catalog here:

We're happy to help pick out an opening assortment, please let us know if you have any questions at all!

Click here to shop Renu Naturals
Note: credit only available to retailers new to Faire. We are currently shippto US and Canadian retailers.

Tundra Wholesale Portal

Ordering and receiving Renu Naturals products directly from us is now easier than ever with TUNDRA.

Check it out here: tundra.com/shop/the-laughing-tree

Our new storefront will allow you to buy direct at our wholesale prices with no fees or margin added. You see real-time shipping costs directly from our warehouse and lead times for any quantity delivered to your door. If you are an international buyer, you’ll see duties and taxes at checkout and you can pay in your local currency. Upon purchase you'll receive an invoice instantly, along with online order tracking, and the logistics are automated with UPS, DHL, trucking, airline, and ocean carriers.