Our Story

The path that led me to founding RENU Naturals began a little later in life.

After a routine checkup led to a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, I began researching the auto-immune disease and its environmental causes. It was the first step to completely changing my life, and my family's.

The more I read about pesticides, plastics, and the harmful chemicals that go into most of the products that we use — especially beauty and personal care products, the more I knew something needed to change. It became my mission to know what was in every product I used, since we all know our skin is the largest organ of our body and absorbs whatever we put on it!


My Health Scare Leads to Worry for the Health of our Kids

A few years later, I had become an organic, expert label reader, but as a woman in her forties I was spending far too much for skincare I felt confident using. And, as I continued to read the labels of these expensive products, I was dismayed as to what was being sold under the term “Natural”. Sure, there might be a few natural ingredients in the product, but they were also being comprised of the very toxic ingredients I was trying my best to stay away from. I knew we could do better.

And so RENU Naturals was born. Today, we are a small team committed to the belief that truly clean personal care products should be safe and effective. None of our products contain harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, toxic preservatives, parabens or sulfates.

What makes RENU Naturals different?


Sourced by Nature. Loved by your Skin.

All our products are infused with only the highest-grade plant extracts, vitamins, peptides and retinol from plant sources. Our products are carefully formulated with safe ingredients that target specific skincare needs, are effective, and affordable.

We love our planet and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and have joined up with 1% For the Planet Global Organization. We never test our products on animals and are part of the Ethical Pixie approved list of cruelty-free brands, and we are proudly Leaping Bunny Certified! 

So, from us to you, heartfelt thanks for choosing RENU Naturals pure, effective products, and, for caring about the ingredients that you use, and the impact they have on our planet.

With gratitude & love,

Bonnie Giangrande,


You can drop me a line here: info@renunaturals.com. I would love to hear from you!