The Power of Exfoliation: Unlocking Radiant Skin ✨

The Power of Exfoliation: Unlocking Radiant Skin ✨

Jun 17, 2024
by Bonnie Giangrande minute read
Face exfoliation is an incredibly important step in a skincare routine anytime of year, but especially so in the summertime. When it comes to facial exfoliation, there are many benefits. From improving circulation, removing dead skin cells, improving the absorbency of subsequent skincare and makeup products, and so much more. Let's dive a little deeper into what exactly facial exfoliation is.

What is Face Exfoliation?

Face exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from your face. This is typically done with a grainy exfoliating product and even sometimes with the help of a facial exfoliation tool. It's important to use a quality exfoliation product that is gentle yet effective on your skin.
RENU Hydra Whip Exfoliant was formulated with walnut shell powder for an effective yet gentle exfoliation to cleanse your face while also polishing, buffing, and unclogging your pores.

5 Reasons Why You Should Exfoliate Your Face

Like we stated above, face exfoliation has MANY benefits. Let's dive deeper into some of the benefits you'll see when you regularly exfoliate using a gentle yet quality facial exfoliator.

1.) Removes Dead Skin Cells & Promotes Cell Turnover

Face exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells from your face and also helps to remove age spots that were dead skin cells with pigmentation. 
When your skin is freshly exfoliated, it is then exposed which helps promote the production of new cells. 

2.) Improves Circulation 

Facial exfoliation helps to improve circulation because when you are exfoliating your face, you are stimulating the blood vessels that lie beneath your skin. When you stimulate these blood vessels, you are improving the circulation which then gives each cell more oxygen and nutrients. 

3.) Unclogs Your Pores

Exfoliating your face can help to unclog pores and dead skin buildup from the surface of your skin. When you exfoliate and remove the dead layer of skin away, you're helping to prevent getting clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and even acne.

4.) Allows For Better Product Absorption

If you're using other subsequent skincare products or applying makeup, face exfoliation will help to remove those dead skin cells and allows other products to penetrate the skin and work more effectively, or allows makeup to apply smoother and look better!

5.) Brightens Your Complexion

Overall, face exfoliation will help to brighten your overall complexion because of everything listed above! It will help to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover, improve your circulation, unclog your pores, and allow for better absorption of other skincare products and make makeup application easier.

 5 FAQ's About Face Exfoliation

There are many questions around face exfoliation, so let's dive into some common questions we get surrounding exfoliating your face and more!

Q: Is it OK to Exfoliate Your Face Daily?

We do not recommend exfoliating your face daily. Face exfoliation should be done no more than 2-3 times per week with a gentle exfoliator. The reason for this is over exfoliating your face can damage your skins natural barrier. In some people, this can lead to irritation among other symptoms.

Q: Is it Better to Exfoliate at Night or in The Morning?

Truthfully, the answer to this question will vary on your skin and what your routine looks like.
While exfoliating at night will allow your skin to repair itself while you sleep, if you use more potent ingredients such as retinol in your nightly skincare, it may be best to exfoliate in the morning. Check out our "Is Natural Enough? How Actives Increase Efficiency In Your Skincare Products" to see more on the benefits of retinol and other active ingredients in skincare! 
If you have more oily skin, then you may wish to exfoliate in the morning so you can start your day with clear and refreshed skin and can better apply your other products and makeup if desired.

Q: Should I Moisturize After Exfoliating?

 Yes! Moisturizing after exfoliating is recommended and part of our simple 4 step skincare routine. After you exfoliate with a gentle exfoliator, it is recommended to follow up with a moisturizer to help replenish the skin and protect it.

Q: What Happens if You Don't Exfoliate Your Face?

If you don't exfoliate your face, over time you may start to notice that your complexion looks dull, you may notice an uneven skin tone or dark spots, and your pores may look or become clogged. This will lead to black heads over time and you may even experience acne. 
Exfoliating really helps to polish and buff your skin to remove any trapped dirt or oils to give you a brighter and clearer complexion. 

Q: Do You Use Face Wash or Scrub First?

The first step in your skincare routine should always be to use a gentle facial cleanser! Even when you are using an exfoliator, we recommend washing your face with the cleanser first.
This will help to cleanse your skin and prep it for exfoliation, which is another step to really get what's trapped in your skin out, and having a smoother and cleanser surface to work with will help the facial exfoliator to be more effective.

How to Exfoliate Your Face in 3 Easy Steps 

Now that we've gone into what face exfoliation is, the benefits, and answered some frequently asked questions, let's go into HOW to exfoliate your face for the best results.

Step 1: Scoop out the product into the palm of damp hands and blend it into a mousse like consistency.

Step 2: Apply to your wet face. You'll want to start at your cheeks and move into a circular motion, moving up towards your nose and forehead.

Step 3: Rinse your face with warm water (not hot), and gently wash away the product. You can repeat this 2-3 times a week after cleansing your face with a cleanser.


Will You Be Incorporating Face Exfoliation Into Your Skincare Routine?

We hope that you start to exfoliate your face so you can reap the benefits that it has to offer. Make sure to check out our "The Benefits of a Morning Skincare Routine" and "A Step-by-Step Nighttime Skincare Routine" for help in setting a consistent morning and night routine for your skin!
You'll also love our most recent drop of Cucumber Drench Body Lotion which is perfect for summer so you can drench your skin in hydrating goodness! Have questions in the meantime? Reach out to us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, or follow us over on Instagram for more!


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