Top 5 Facial Cleanser Benefits

Top 5 Facial Cleanser Benefits

Jul 18, 2023
by Bonnie Giangrande minute read

A proper skincare routine is essential to maintaining radiant skin. It's so important to start off your skincare routine with a quality facial cleanser. Cleansers are more than just a skin care product - they are the foundation of a glowing, clear complexion! Here, we'll discuss the top five facial cleanser benefits and how it helps maintain healthy skin. We will also discuss how to properly wash your face, and what products to use following your facial cleanser. Stay tuned!

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5 Benefits of Using a Quality Facial Cleanser


 While there are many more benefits to using facial cleanser as part of your skincare routine, let's get into the top five benefits of facial cleanser and why you should be using one every day!


1. Facial Cleaner Benefits - Removing Impurities: 


Our skin accumulates impurities throughout the day, including dirt, bacteria, pollutants, excess oil, dead skin cells, and even SPF. Impurities clog pores and cause acne, blackheads, and dull skin. During the summer months, our skin is prone to even more congestion, so cleansing is incredibly imperative. Facial cleansers cleanse the skin by removing impurities and allowing it to breathe. Your facial cleanser can help prevent breakouts and promote a clearer complexion by removing dirt, excess oil, and daily impurities. 


2. Facial Cleanser Benefits - Balancing the Skin's pH:


Something many may not know is that our skin has a natural protective barrier known as the "acid mantle", which helps maintain an optimal pH level. External factors like pollution, weather conditions, and using alkaline-based products can disrupt your pH-balance. Facial cleansers formulated with gentle, pH-balanced ingredients help to restore our skin's natural acidity, strengthening its protective barrier. By preserving the pH balance, cleansers contribute to healthier, more resilient skin.


3. Facial Cleanser Benefits - Enhancing Absorption of Skincare Products: 


It is often overlooked that facial cleansers can improve the absorption of following skincare products. Our skin can better absorb serums, moisturizers, and other treatments when it is free of buildup and impurities. This is why facial cleanser is typically the first step in a skincare routine. Your skincare routine will be more effective if you use a cleanser first. By doing this, you ensure that the products you apply afterwards can penetrate deeply into your skin and deliver their intended benefits!

4. Facial Cleanser Benefits - Preventing Premature Aging: 


Besides causing other skin problems, the accumulation of pollutants and free radicals can also accelerate aging. These external factors break down collagen and elastin. This leads to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and even skin firmness loss. It is possible to preserve your skin's appearance while promoting a more radiant complexion by thoroughly cleansing with a quality facial cleanser.


5. Facial Cleanser Benefits - Hydrating and Nourishing: 


While facial cleansers primary focus is to remove impurities, many formulations also include ingredients that hydrate and nourish your skin as well. Look for cleansers with moisturizing ingredients that help to replenish your skin's moisture barrier such as RENU Purifying Gel Cleanser. With green tea leaf extract, camellia oil, and honeyquat, this cleanser provides antioxidant protection and moisture retention. As an added bonus, it contains dead sea salts, which are rich in magnesium and boosts the hydration process while strengthening the skin's lipid barrier. Cleansers that contain antioxidants, vitamins, or botanical extracts will provide your skin with additional nutrients!

Renu Naturals Facial Cleanser

How to Properly Use Your Facial Cleanser


Now that we’ve covered all of the great benefits of incorporating a quality facial cleanser into your routine, let’s go over how to properly wash and cleanse your face! To maximize the benefits of your face wash, it is important to follow the proper usage technique's. It is recommended to wash your face twice a day, ideally morning and night.


1. Wet your face with lukewarm water to help open up your pores. You'll want to avoid using hot water as this can not only cause inflammation and redness on your skin, but it can strip your skin of it’s natural oils as well.

2. Take a small amount of face wash and gently massage it onto your face while using circular motions. Concentrate on areas that are prone to oiliness and blemishes. Avoid scrubbing too hard so as to not irritate the skin. Be gentle, allowing the face wash to do its job.

3. Rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water to ensure all product residue is cleansed and removed from your face.

4. Pat your face dry with a clean towel and make sure to avoid rubbing aggressively to prevent unnecessary friction on the skin.

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What to Use After Cleansing Your Face


Now that we’ve gone over the importance of using a quality facial cleanser and how to properly use it, let’s talk about the products that you should be using after cleansing your face. 




Following your cleansing with a toner is always a great idea. Toner will help to protect, refresh and revamp your skin! Our new Renu Rosewater & Hibiscus Toner is an alcohol-free formula that will help to strengthen your skin barrier and deliver hydration and balance to your skin! It’s rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Its rose petals contain a variety of polyphenols, which provide anti-aging properties, and minimize the appearance of pores.




Exfoliating after cleansing is also incredibly beneficial. This is especially beneficial during those hot summer months when you’re sweating more and creating more buildup on your face. RENU Hydra Whip Exfoliant is perfect to gently exfoliate your skin while helping to smooth your complexion and crêpe skin on the neck and chest. It allows you to polish, buff and unclog your pores for fresh, smooth, radiant skin!


Facial Oil


Following exfoliation, a quality facial oil is a must! Using a light but powerful facial oil like RENU Luxury Face Oil is a great addition to your skincare routine. Our Luxury Face Oil is best known for its ability to actively brighten and increase collagen contributing to pro-aging benefits. It’s packed full of restorative omega fatty acids that will leave skin looking smoother and healthier with a youthful, radiant glow. It will also help protect your skin against everyday free radicals, and provides superpower hydration to help improve cell health long term.




And last but certainly not least, finishing your skincare routine with a great moisturizer is vital. To help hydrate the skin, look for a gentle facial moisturizer or balm such as RENU's Beauty Balm with Bakuchiol. This creamy yet indulgent non-comedogenic beauty balm was created with plant retinoids to smooth fine lines and improve skin’s tone and texture. When you finish your skincare routine with a quality moisturizer or beauty balm, you’re setting your skin up for success.​​​​​​​​

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Will You Be Using Facial Cleanser in Your Skincare Routine For These Facial Cleanser Benefits?


 As you now know, using a facial cleanser is an incredibly important step in any skincare routine! By using a facial cleanser, you’re ensuring that your skin remains clean, balanced, and is prepared to absorb the benefits of following skincare products. Regular use of facial cleanser helps to squash impurities, prevent breakouts, maintain the skin's pH balance, and slow down the aging process. With a wide range of cleansers available for various skin types, it's essential to find the one that suits your specific needs. RENU Purifying Gel Cleanser is the perfect option for all skin types!


Here at Renu Naturals, we believe that skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. This is why we created this skincare line. So that you can feed your skin with nutrient ingredients it needs, while keeping it simple! So, make facial cleansing a non-negotiable part of your daily skincare ritual for a healthier, more radiant complexion. If you have any questions, make sure to ask below in the comments so we can assist you with your skincare needs and questions!

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