5 Easy Tips on Selling Renu Products in Your Boutique or Salons

5 Easy Tips on Selling Renu Products in Your Boutique or Salons

Aug 15, 2023
by Bonnie Giangrande minute read
It can feel like a daunting task to move products from the shelves and into your Customers check out bag, but when you incorporate the right strategies and really connect with your customers' needs, it can be easy! Lets get into 5 easy tips on selling Renu products! 
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1. You Aren't Pitching To Your Customers

It’s easy to assume that by having products easily available and beautifully showcased on shelves that it will be easy to sell to your customers. But it isn’t always that simple. While pitching the product may feel like an uncomfortable task, it’s a necessary one! And the great news is you don’t need to wait for a customer to be a regular to pitch your products to them. Whether they’ve been a long time customer or are new, you can easily pitch your products to them.
Even if new customers don’t buy the first time, over time you’ll build rapport and trust with them, they’re more likely to buy from you. According to Bain & Company, your repeat customers are more likely to buy from YOU even if your exact same product costs more than what your competition is selling it for. Customers value a more intimate interaction, which online stores or big box chains just can't offer.

2. Ease The Customers Hesitations and Risk Fear

A product's price isn't always what keeps customers away. The actual benefits are sometimes not understood or known by them. Are you relating how the product will benefit them in their daily lives while you are telling them how valuable the product is? You can also ask customers if there are specific skin concerns they have, and pitch products that will help remedy that. Remind them that Renu products are worth the price! Sure, they can get a $7 moisturizer from the local drug store. But what are they getting from Renu? They’re getting high quality, organic ingredients that not only address their skin concerns, but do so without a long list of harsh or potentially harmful ingredients.
Perhaps the customer is afraid of taking the risk and changing from a product they’ve used forever to something new. By speaking to the value of Renu products, you can help ease the risk factor that customers may be feeling in trying something new. If a customer was happy with their current skincare products, they wouldn't be interested in what you’re selling, so make sure you speak to the value! Customers want to see the value in their purchase!

Examples on Pitching The Value:

Say a customer has specific skin concerns with wrinkles they wish to address. Try these pitches:
  • “Renu’s Beauty Balm With Bakuchiol is made with a safe botanical alternative to Retinol that offers anti-aging benefits and improves skin firmness, tone and overall lifting to help promote healthy, hydrated skin! Do you want to try a sample?”
  • “Renu has this Vitamin C Serum with Matrixyl that does wonders in helping build collagen to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and help reduce the look of age spots because of the Matrixyl and Vitamin C. It's a great product you will love using every day! Do you want to try a sample?”
Or maybe a customer is looking to switch to a more simplified or natural skincare product. Try this:
  • “We have these beautiful Renu products that only use high quality ingredients. Most of their products are made with powerful antioxidants and safe, organic ingredients that are sourced by nature!”
  • “Renu Naturals has a simple and effective 4 step skincare line to simplify your skincare routine. Skincare routines don’t have to be overwhelming or complicated, and Renu products are packed with everything your skin needs, but with fewer steps!”
  • “A simple 4 step routine means less time at night before bed, but still taking great care of your skin!”
Helping Customers understand the value of Renu products and how it can directly benefit them is key. Consumers like to feel that the product they buy will solve their problem and make their life easier. By explaining how the product solves their problem, you can increase customer satisfaction and sales. This can also be achieved through in-store signage, product demonstrations, hosting skincare workshops, and offering the customer a sample of the product. When you make yourself a trusted source of information, you will build customer loyalty and increase your chances of making sales!

3. Make The Buying Process as Easy as Possible For The Customer

If buying Renu products is too hard or takes too much effort for the customer, they are not going to purchase it. Have Renu products easy and accessible for customers to purchase. Have them right near the register and always in stock. Offering a Tester for each product is important for the Customer to experience the texture and scent of the product. Show the customer just how easy getting Renu products is from your salon or boutique whenever they are there for an appointment or shopping!

4. Talk About The Price Without Feeling Nervous

Talking about pricing when you’re trying to sell may feel awkward, but the customer is expecting to know how much a product costs. Customers expect the product to cost something, so they won’t feel as awkward as you may when discussing the price. You don’t need to mention the price at the very beginning of the conversation, but you can feel less awkward talking about the cost when you focus on the value and benefits Renu products have to offer. Explain to the Customer that becaue there are no cheap fillers in the products, and only nourishing botanical extracts and active ingredients, a little goes a long way! When you truly believe in the value, talking about price is easy. According to Farsedakis BRB Beauty Brands, talking about the price will actually help you build trust with the customer!

5. Close The Sale With Ease and Confidence

Maybe your customer is interested in buying, but don’t just assume that they know how to purchase or will take it to the next step. Close out the sale with confidence by simply asking them if they want to add their product to their cart or invoice. “I noticed you were eyeing that Renu Luxury Face Oil, it is a favorite amongst our Customers, would you like me to add that to your invoice?” or “ I know you loved how that Renu Hydra Whip Exfoliant smelled, I can add that into your invoice right now if you want to take it home! I know you will love how it makes your skin feel!”
Selling any kind of skincare products in small boutiques and salongs can be challenging, but with the right strategies, it can be done. Pitching to your customers correctly, with confidence, easing their hesitations, and making the buying process as easy as possible for the customer, will go a long way in the selling process! I hope that this has helped give more insight on how to get Renu products from the shelves to your Customers checkout bags. And of course, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below!


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