How to Get Rid of Those Dark Spots

How to Get Rid of Those Dark Spots

Nov 19, 2020
by Bonnie Giangrande minute read

We often get asked "What can I do about dark spots that have suddenly appeared?"

Dark spots can be a major bump in your otherwise flawless visage. They need a lot more attention and not in terms of skincare only. There are various creams on the market that promise to banish them forever. Furthermore, these brands promise a skin lightening treatment as well. But commercial products are full of chemicals and synthetics that do long term damage for a short term result.

We at Renu Naturals believe taking the natural approach over synthetic is the best way to treat skin of any of its conditions. This article will go in depth into what causes dark spots, how you can prevent them and what products to use from our lineup to help remove and eliminate dark spots for good.

Please make special note of "natural products to help with hyper-pigmentation" and how these are healthier for your skin. We always take the approach of "Natural" over "Synthetic".

What Are Dark Spots?

The medical or technical term for Dark Spots is “hyperpigmentation.” Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition where melanin pigments accumulate and cause the skin on certain areas to appear darker than the natural tone of your skin. Hyperpigmentation is a common complaint and men and women alike suffer from it.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Causes of hyperpigmentation can be due to various factors, ranging from environment, your lifestyle or in some cases even genetic. Below are the four most common causes of dark spots:

  • Sun Damage: Exposure to UV rays (whether directly from the sun or through synthetic means such as tanning beds) increase the production of melanin in your skin and damage the skin resulting in dark spots. Damage via sun is cumulative that is to say that the results are not immediate but will appear later on in your life. Dark spots developed due to UV exposure are therefore referred to as “age spots” as they reveal themselves as we age.
  • Hormonal imbalance: Women go through changes in hormones at key stages in their life; when they hit puberty, when they get pregnant and once they hit menopause. There are also other hormonal complications that can develop due to illness or medication. Melanin usually accumulates either permanently or temporarily in certain parts of the body. Some common examples of melanin accumulation during pregnancy are “melasma” and “linea nigra.”
  • Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation: melanin deposits due to injury and inflammation can cause melanin deposits. A common cause of this is due to acne.
  • Health related issues: liver disease, dermatitis and certain medications are also a likely cause of dark spots. These can be formed on any part of the body apart from the face.

How to Prevent Dark Spots?

Here’s a myth we’re going to bust for you, dark spots can be prevented. They are not an inevitable process. Even age spots or liver spots are a consequence of the sun exposure or poor health and can easily be reversed with the right skincare regimen and a few precautions. Below are some skincare habits you should indulge in to prevent hyperpigmentation.

  •  Apply Sunscreen No Matter The Weather: as mentioned earlier the largest contribution to dark spots on our skin is through sun exposure. Wearing a sunscreen that is rich in minerals like Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and free of toxins is the right approach towards this. A mineral rich sunscreen will deflect the sun’s UV rays protect against further damage to the skin. Whether it is sunny, cloudy or your work is indoors, The UV rays penetrate all and wearing a sunscreen is your best bet against them!
  • Stop Picking On Your Zits: Break this habit for your own well-being. Popping pimples and blackheads is traumatizing for your skin and often manifests as dark spots. The bruised skin results in scars that become hubs for melanin accumulation. Fight the temptation and leave your blemishes alone. We’d rather you pick on something your own size rather than letting a simple zit get the best of you!
  • Cut Back On Exfoliation: if you’ve been in the skincare game, you know how vital and necessary exfoliation is for your skin. But too much of good thing can turn into a bad thing real quick. Especially when it comes to exfoliation. Over exfoliating with chemical peels and harsh scrubs can damage the skin. This can be evident in the form of inflammation or the well-known dark spots you’ve been trying to keep at bay. Exfoliating using a gentle exfoliator, preferably one that’s organic, like our gentle Hydra Whip Exfoliant, only two to three times a week will offer best results.  

How Can You Remove Dark Spots and Brighten Your Skin Naturally? 

Let’s get to the matter at hand, eliminating dark spots and brightening your skin through a natural and toxin free route. If it’s too late for you to dive into preventive tips, and you already see a few age spots appear on your face, don’t panic! The damage done by the sun is reversible by investing in some natural and organic treatments. The natural treatments are far gentler on your skin and keep other skin ailments at bay too. Synthetic treatments like chemical peels, bleaches, and short-term skin brighteners are full of nasties that do more damage to the skin. But fret not! Natural treatments can bring about a better radiance to your complexion, and one that lasts longer!

Here’s the catch, natural treatments require consistency for you to see visible results. Sticking to a skin care regimen for at least 2-6 weeks will show you visible reduction in dark spots and a glow to your complexion that you’ve always coveted.

Natural brighteners are mostly made of natural AHA fruit acids and are remarkably potent. But on the same side, there are some that are downright damaging such as using straight pure lemon juice. When buying a natural skin brightener, look for the following ingredients:

  • Hydroxy Acids: AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) are gentle exfoliators and help remove dead skin from its surface. These also penetrate deep below the skins surface to repair the damage caused by the suns UV rays. These acids are commonly found in fruits such as pineapples, grapes, apples and papayas.
  • Aloe Vera: AloeVera is a wonder plant and is able to treat a number of skin ailments. It’s no surprise that it aids in reducing dark spots, Aloesin a compound found in aloe vera is known to inhibit Tyrosinase, the catalyst responsible for the production of melanin.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C has various benefits for skins. It is an antioxidant and perfect for controlling hyperpigmentation. And like Aloe Vera it also inhibits production of melanin.
  • Other natural brighteners: these ingredients are include almond oil, tomato, willow bark, lactic acid, citrus oils, cucumber juice and yogurt.

Now that you know which ingredients to be on the lookout for, we suggest some of our best Toners that include these ingredients and more to help you banish dark spots for good. 

Why Use Toners for Dark Spots?

In any skincare regimen, toners are often overlooked. But toners are an important step in your skincare, they prep the skin for moisturizers and serums and open it up that these products penetrate deep into the skin and work effectively. Initially toners were used to restore the skins pH but now toners have been revamped and act as more than just mere astringents. They are now in par with some of the best serums and treatments in the market because they’re infused with potent ingredients that exfoliate, sooth, hydrate, brighten and do much more. So without further ado, we at Renu Naturals offer an amazing toner: Our Brightening & Resurfacing Toner. This toner is powerful in banishing and reducing hyperpigmentation and delivering a flawless canvas.

  • Brightening & Resurfacing Toner: 

    Brighten, Balance and Boost your complexion with this brightening Toner. A blend of gentle and effective plant-powered extracts and glycolic acid that help to minimize the appearance of pores by dissolving dead skin and debris. Rebalance pH and promote circulation, while resurfacing the skin, binding moisture and adding radiance.

    To Use: Spray generously onto a cotton round and apply to the face and neck after cleansing the skin. To use as a refresher, simply spritz directly onto skin. Follow with RENU Serum and Moisturizer.

Bottom Line

Shifting to a natural skincare routine to treat dark spots and other skin ailments is beneficial for your skin in the long run. The key lies in being patient and trusting the process as it takes 8 weeks for results to start being noticeable. And contrary to popular believe, hyperpigmentation is treatable and reversible and going all natural is the best way to eliminate them.





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